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1. We Will Sell Your Home FAST!
We will get your home sold fast. That’s not an empty promise or braggadocio. It is a fact. In hot markets or slow markets, in every part of town, our selling speed is legendary. For example:

16926 Schneider St. Sold in 7 Days at $10,000 Over Asking Price

"On day 7 we received an offer that was above asking price! David’s advertising worked so well we far surpassed other homes in our area for "views" by the hundreds! He was able to negotiate on our behalf and we ended up selling our home for $10K above asking! Our goal all along was to get the sale done fast. The extra cash was icing on the cake. He also brings along with him a great support staff, we would recommend him and his team, 100%." - Boche Gomez 

2. We Will Sell Your Home For TOP DOLLAR!
We will get you top dollar for your home. In fact we sell more homes for more money than the average area agent.

1753 Roanoke St. Sold In 2 Days At $62,100 Over Asking Price!

“David and his team are amazing very professional smart and quick to sell your home. In just a first week David brought at least 30 families interested in our home. We got offers in the first week. He made this process very smooth and easy. Thank you and I hope you all choose David Limon for your first choice of Real Estate Professional.” – Beata & Steve Cox

3. You Will Have LESS HASSLES!
We will get your home sold - every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed - with the least inconvenience to you. For example:

23483 Crystal Way. Sold at 101% after another agent could not sell it.

“David is incredible! I'm not sure what he does behind the scenes, but it must be magic! He sold our home fast and closed quickly. We had more views in only 3 weeks than we did one year prior when listed with a different realtor in all 6 months. It also sold for over asking! I can not say how highly I recommend him if you're looking for a motivated, hard working and just great person. Thank you again. He's seriously just an incredible person.” - Carl Stevens 

4. Your Home Sale is SAFE!
Years of experience + Our Team Approach = No mistakes made, No detail missed, No unpleasant surprises. There are over 72 different things that can go wrong with a real estate transaction, and we keep a watchful eye on all of them. For example:

43267 Corte Montilla. Sold Before it Hit the Market to
Buyer in Waiting at Full Asking Price!

"David has been with us every step of the way during our hunt for our perfect home. He was able to get us in to see our house before anyone else was able to see it which allowed us to beat out all other potential buyers. He sold our current home before it was officially listed at our asking price! David is a must to have on your side! He and his staff are on the ball and extremely professional. Thank you, for making our dream home a reality!" - D. Valdovinos

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